and it begins . . the calm before the storm. / by Pete Circuitt


Studio Local has its own short in production titled ‘21 Points’.  The film explores the relationship of a grown man, his imaginary friend ( who is a robot ) and his mum. As the robot is a product of a human disfunction the robot’s performance must of course appear very human. To make this possible we'll will be using Studio Local’s new motion capture stage through-out. 

storyboard frame  

storyboard frame  

This is where we'll be uploading development images, links to shot tests and development process for the film. We hope you come back and check in frequently. If you want to be notified of any update please follow us on twitter as anything posted here will be pushed there. 



We are very grateful to have been supported by the New Zealand Film Commission by stumping up some cash to help us shoot it. Robin Scholes and  Andrew Adamson will be guiding us in our choices as executive producers and we are extremely lucky to be able to say that.  

Cheers.  Studio Local