Twenty One Points

a short film. 

It’s about a guy called Alan that still lives with his mum, and his best friend is an imaginary skinny green robot called Gary that’s been hanging around since he was five.

The magnificent Josh Thomson as Alan.

The magnificent Josh Thomson as Alan.

Director - Pete Circuitt

Story - Pete Circuitt
Written by Pete Circuitt & Steve Best
Director of Photography - Dave Cameron
Robot Design, T.D & Execution - Dan Brown
Editor - Jared Kahi & Pete Circuitt.
Producer - Rob Linkhorn
Line Producer & Studio Local Manager - Tania Smiler
Executive Producers - Robin Scholes & Andrew Adamson

Alan - Josh Thomson
Gary - Rohan Glynn
Mum - Robyn Malcolm

Currently screening in festivals.Please visit to find out if there is a screening near you.