about us

We are lucky enough to work worldwide with the finest directors, producers, agencies and production companies on unique ideas for film and television. From hand-drawn traditional animation to photorealistic content we have a huge range of animation and visual effects driven work. 

From our studios in Auckland and Melbourne we also offer the full complement of visual effects services to other directors including our own motion capture stage, motion control, 3d stereoscopic production, look development, on-set supervision, 9K bracketed ( true ) HDRI capture, award winning 2D/3D animation and production design, staggeringly accurate pre-viz, character design, modeling, surfacing and compositing. We do it all, and we do it very well. 

For projects that require our direction please contact The Sweet Shop

For projects that require VFX or animation services please get in touch with us directly.  


Hello ! Auckland, New Zealand

T : +64 09 282 3382

16 Nikau Street 
Eden Terrace

E : hello@studiolocal.tv